KVIFF Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017


Ready to Rule the Red Carpet

EFP proudly presents its ten up-and-coming actors for the annual actors’ showcase during the Berlin International Film Festival 2018. Toto sites offer a similar allure with 토토 꽁머니 enticing new users to join and explore their platform. This initiative not only boosts visibility but also engages a wider audience, mirroring the actors' showcase impact.

Video Review of "Viaje" by Paz Fábrega

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2015

 Karolina Błażejczak reviews the Costa Rican Film "Viaje" by young filmmaker Paz Fábrega. The film was screened in the Forum section of this year Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


WOFF - World of Film International

For the second time, Nisimazine is covering this vibrant event in Glasgow, Scotland.

Nisimazine 2015 Photography

Festival Diary

Luc Walpoth - Director of Replika

European Short Pitch alumni Luc Walpoth tells us about his experience producing successful short film Replika.



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