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Name: Martin I. Pterov

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Interview with Luna Wedler:

“I am looking forward to my first project in English”

C. Photo Credit: harald fuhr_efp (2018)

Luna Wedler has a degree in contemporary dance and is currently studying at the European Film Actors School in Zurich. Her early career began with the drama Amateur Teens, a critic’s darling, which was nominated for the Swiss Film Award at the 2016 Zurich Film Festival. Her most recent film, Blue My Mind, successfully premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival last year. With the release of several films on the horizon, and with her starring role on Aron Lehmann’s Das schönste Mädchen der Welt, Wedler can expect a very busy 2018.

Now, one of this year’s ten European Shooting Stars, she talks to Martin I. Petrov at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Congratulations on being a Shooting Star! How does it feel to be representing your country and to have this sudden extra exposure?

Luna Wedler: It is very exciting! It is really great to be meeting the other nine stars. They are all beautiful humans! I feel very connected to all of them and look forward to exciting times ahead.

You did ballet before getting into acting, right?

L.W.: I was training for six hours a day and wanted to become a professional ballet dancer, but eventually dropped the idea. You have to be so hard on yourself and the competition is massive. But, it is great when I get a role in which I have to dance now. I feel I am in a much more advanced and privileged position. Also, I still dance in my free time as a hobby.

Blue My Mind is very moving. It is a very special and interesting coming of age film. There aren’t that many Swiss films that claim international success. How did this opportunity come about?

L.W.: I was actually initially cast for the supporting role, but after reading the script I felt I really wanted to get to know the main character; she was just so fascinating. We tried it and it worked in an instant.

You are the youngest Shooting Star, and yet your first steps are great. You are still at school in Switzerland. What is your plan or your aspiration for later on?

L.W.: I have to do a final project for which I am really excited. Also, the idea of theater sounds great, but also scary. I think I am more comfortable with the camera than the stage, so far. My upcoming project is a comedy – a love story – and I am also going to take part in a German mini TV series; I was shooting here for about two months. It was great to travel to Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Germany. I loved it!

Are you ready to try your luck abroad and do a film in English perhaps?

L.W.: Of course, I am looking forward to my first project in English. And, I also love the idea of moving here, to Berlin!

This interview was conducted in collaboration with Fade to Her.